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Tips for Selecting the Best Food for Your Puppy.

It is exciting to have a new puppy in the house. It can, however, be exhausting if you are not adequately prepared. Selecting the right food brand for your puppy can be challenging since there are numerous brands in the market. You need to feed your puppy specific nutrients to stimulate growth. A puppy experience tremendous growth in the first six months and therefore you need to ensure that you provide it body with the right nutrients to support this growth. Your friends may recommend the food that they feed their puppies. However, the best way to choose the best puppy food is by studying learning and selecting it yourself. In this post, we will address some factors to consider when selecting the best food for your puppy.

Firstly, be wise when selecting the food for your puppy. Ensure sure that you buy your puppy food from a company with a good reputation. Most reputable companies conduct feeding trials before they supply their brand. This ensures that the food does not affect the development of a puppy. Some companies sell their brands without undergoing the necessary process for ensuring that their product is safe. Companies which consult a veterinary to ensure that the food is safe for your puppy are the best to buy from.

Consider the calories when selecting food for your puppy. Most developments in a puppy occur in the first six months. It is therefore important to feed it foods with high calories content to support the growth. The development of tissues in the body of the puppy consumes half the amount of calories consumed. It is essential to ensure the effective growth of these tissues by providing your puppy with the correct amount of calories.

Ensure that you check the ingredients used to develop the puppy food. The proper development of your puppy depends on the ingredients used to make the food that you feed it. For example, the nervous system of the puppy is highly dependent on fatty acid DHA. Puppy, therefore, needs to consume foods with high content of fatty acid than adult dogs. they are essential for proper development of the eye, ear, and brain of the puppy. Puppy foods with high content of fatty acid increase the memory and hence the trainability of the puppy.

Finally, ensure that you feed your puppy food that keeps it trim and healthy. Ensure your puppy maintains a healthy weight. Overweight puppies are at risk of being overweight dogs while underweight puppies may not develop properly. Ensure that you are on track with nutrition by visiting your veterinarian to examine the puppy’s body condition score.

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