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Getting Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Chris Evert, a famous tennis player, was wearing a diamond bracelet and this was accidentally snapped off. She requested the game organizers to suspend the match just to look for her diamond bracelet. Since that day, the in-line diamond bracelets are already referred today as diamond tennis bracelet. Because of this incident, the diamond tennis bracelets rose into popularity. Today, it is not difficult to look for diamond tennis bracelets in the stores but looking for the most affordable and discounted diamond tennis bracelet is a challenge.

They say that the bangle bracelets are just similar with the diamond tennis bracelets but in reality, they are actually not the same because the tennis bracelets are very adjustable. The tennis bracelets can be easily adjust by means of putting or removing its links. Both types of bracelets are available in plain metal designs or the incorporate diamond designs. The diamonds are organized or set into the bracelet in different manners. Prong, bezel, or channel are the means of how diamonds are arranged in the tennis bracelet. People like to choose the prong setting because the small prongs can be bent over the diamond’s girdle. The channel setting is whenever the small stones are arranged in a metal channel while the bezel is whenever the diamonds are surrounded by the metal completely. Due to its durability, the prong setting is most preferred by people. After all, you do not really want to lose your diamond tennis bracelet.

You have to know on how to choose the best diamond tennis bracelet. You could actually get the total carat size bracelet and you could have tinier or bigger diamonds which could provide you the same size of the carat. The bigger stones should be of best or better grade because flaws could be seen easily. Small stone bracelets are already fine with good grade. The typical length of the bracelet is around 7 inches. You could also choose from the classic diamond tennis bracelets to the lovely diamond treasure bracelets. The tennis bracelet is surely the most wanted piece of each woman in order to complete her wardrobe. These tennis bracelets can be chosen for different occasions whether for the ballroom or boardroom. A person could not go wrong in terms of choosing the best diamond tennis bracelet.

You can already purchase the most gorgeous diamond tennis bracelet for at least $400 or you can pay more if you like to add more stones into it. With the internet, it is now easier to look for the most suitable tennis bracelet for you. Just bear in mind that you have to conduct a thorough research about the product and merchant first prior to purchasing one.

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