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Perks of Using Tea Leaves

If you drink tea and have a garden, composting used tea leaves is an easy way to promote sustainability, even if you do not compost any other material. The leaves of the tea can definitely be applied to your garden due to the nutrients that it contains and even the loose tea can make an outstanding mulch which can also be applied to the garden too. The tea can be collected in a container and placed directly on your garden daily or every few days.

While loose-leaf tea can be applied directly to your garden, teabags require slightly more effort. It has been known that most number of teabags are not biodegradable. In recent years, there has been an increase in the use of nylon teabags. If you plan to apply the nylon into the compost, then you are lucky since nylon is a synthetic material and it does not break down. However, there are also teabags which are made up of paper, and in this case, this type of teabag is not compostable since they have staple wires on them and other non-biodegradable materials.

However, it is important for everyone to know that even those biodegradable teabags still needs proper caution. Most of the companies would say that the teabags that they are selling are fully biodegradable and compostable, however, these companies failed to mention the time required for decomposition of the teabags. The teabag which is known to be the “tea sachets” are known to be a high quality teabags since it is made up of silk, however, even though you will use it to compost, these type of teabag decomposes slowly. Even paper takes longer to decompose than most kitchen waste. The insides of the teabags are very advisable to apply to your garden, however, the bag of the teabag may take longer to decompose, even longer compared to most of the fruit and vegetable compost.

Whether your teabag is biodegradable or not, it is a good practice to open the teabags. While in the long-run, it is best to avoid purchasing tea packed in nylon bags and other non-biodegradable packaging, if you do drink such teas, you can compost the contents of each bag and dispose of the bag in your normal trash. However, if you are already buying the tea packed in biodegradable material but takes a long time for it to decompose, then you can just remove the leaves from the pack so that you can apply it directly to your garden. The best way to remove the leaves from the bag is by making it dry overnight so you can easily remove it.

Lessons Learned from Years with Drinks

Lessons Learned from Years with Drinks

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